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The board game "Za Rulem" appeared in the second half of the seventies in ussr. Rotating disk simulated a road with obstacles. Player used a wheel to control the car. There was a three-speed transmission, the ignition key and a dashboard, just like in a real car!

The digital version of this game is controlled by buttons "A" and "D" or arrows on your keyboard. You have an automatic transmission with an infinite number of speeds! The goal is to drive as many laps as you can!

This model is made by my good friend "modE"


Download 12 MB
Download 15 MB


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steering wheel has only three positions: extreme left, extreme right and center(which is nearly impossible to return to), this makes the game unplayable as any swerve causes an immediate crash. 

actually, wheel and car are not connected). In this game wheel works as decoration.. 

but they said that browse version works with mistakes, wait a littel bit and i will release version for PS and MAC